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Through operational improvements, environmental benefits are realized often through reduced utilities consumption and best practices. Our sustainability efforts encompass everything from recycling to retro-fitting energy-efficient lighting.

To conserve energy, Pine Vista Resort has introduced compact fluorescent bulbs in all possible lighting fixtures. In addition, water-efficient showerheads and tap aerators have also been installed in most of our accommodations, and we have replaced all toilets that have a flush capacity over 2 gallons.

Pine Vista has cut greenhouse gas emissions by installing time delayed sensors on many of our A/C units. These sensors shut down the units if windows or doors are left open for longer than 5 minutes. All accommodations have ceiling fans, which can be used as an alternative to air conditioning. Recycling bins are provided for each unit, and the contents are sorted at our main recycle station and picked up weekly. Our staff are educated to reduce their environmental impact with practices as simple as turning off lights and turning down heating/air conditioning when rooms are unoccupied.

Our shore line restoration project included planting native species to enhance and sustain this ecosystem for all to enjoy. The animals that live here are also thriving, which supports the balance between land and water.

Pine Vista is dedicated to protecting the natural environment. We continually strive to implement practices that will help reduce our impact on this planet we call home.

Nature Boardwalk

Spend an hour or two watching nature at work. Listen to the call of local birds; laugh at the turtles sunbathing on a log and watch a water snake swimming along in search of his next snack as you take a stroll on our boardwalk. In the drive to move towards a more eco friendly resort, Pine Vista Resort has created a natural boardwalk through their wetlands to share the wonders of nature and create a better understanding of the creatures that live within this ecosystem. Designed for persons of all ages to enjoy you can learn about natural habitats, food chains, beavers, turtles, snakes, local bird species, frogs and more! guest can share their experiences and sightings in the log book trailside and read about the sightings of others before them.

In the summer months the childern participating in Pine Vista’s Kids Klub will be having fun while learning about the various components of our natural environment. Under the guidance of program leaders the childern will be using the information collected in the boardwalk sighting log to learn about the significance of wetlands, and their importance to the health and sustainability of our planet. Through their interpretative programs it is their goal to promote interest by developing an understanding of our role as humans to share, respect and care for natural systems that all creatures call home.

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